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  In-Home Alterations

Sometimes, New Yorkers have called our service "shopping in their closets".

It is a way to save money and also to keep those precious clothes you love in style.

So our tailors and seamstresses will make an appointment to come to your home and look at your favorite dress, slacks, blazer and tell you how you can make them look like they just walked out of Bergdorf's or Barney's today.

Your clothing needs to fit you perfectly if you are going to feel your best. In the privacy of your home, our award-winning tailoring work will make your garments look like they have been custom-made for you, even if you have gained some weight or lost some.



“Thank you for everything – for the beautiful and reliable work, timely delivery – but mostly for
your kindness. Thank you for giving me a ‘neighborhood’ in the true sense of the word.”


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