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  Draperies: Take Down, Clean and Rehang Service

Often we have wall hangings, and special drapery ornaments. We can remove them from your walls and then re-hang them when they've been cleaned.

One client sends her "all white" living room pieces twice a year to Apthorp, and sometimes more often (when magazines are photographing her apartment). We take everything down, carefully pack it, clean it, and bring it back and re-install it to their original places.

It is really like moving into a fresh new apartment. Many of our clients are snowbirds, who winter in Florida and when they come back in the Spring, there is no need to "air things out", as we've already cleaned and aired the drapes, furniture, and in some cases the carpet, also.

In New York City, it is always a "bear" to keep apartments pristine. How do you haul those drapes out of the living room when they weigh a ton?

One of our long-time clients confided in us that she'd taken her drapes with the black-out liners in them to a local cleaner, and they'd actually shrunk the liners so the silk drapes became puckered and misshapen. We managed to straighten them all out and hang them perfectly back on their rods; as they are a perfect accent in her living room.

Our team of cleaning experts have many years of experience working in the finest homes on the West Side. So, they will come into your home and work on your drapes and upholstered furniture so that your apartment looks clean and smells fresh and new. We guarantee it.




"When we moved, I had all my clothing and upholstery sent straight to Apthorp. Then it was delivered and re-hung and looked perfect in my new home."
-Eileen M.

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