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  Say No to Lugging Luggage,
Say Yes to Clean, Ship & Go

Our customers tell us it's like returning to the golden age of air travel.

Our Clean, Ship and Go service let's them say good bye to the hassles of travelling with baggage and hello to whizzing through the airport unencumbered.

Here's how it works:
You simply send your travel wardrobe into us for cleaning. We'll clean, press and pack it for you in either our special quality garment valet box or your own luggage. We'll ship it and have it delivered to your destination for you. When your trip is over, simply have your hotel ship them back to us for cleaning and delivery to your home.

No more lugging your luggage from home to airport and back again. No more waiting at luggage carousels. No more wrinkles on arrival. No more last minute lost luggage surprises. No more cares. Just return to the kinder, gentler more civilized days of travel.

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Say No to Lugging Luggage, Say Yes to Clean Ship and Go
"My suits and shirts have to look perfect for my meetings. So, when I’m headed out of town, I have Apthorp
clean them and use their Pack and Go Service. Then I arrive at my hotel and they’re waiting for me."

Ivan F

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